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Fantastic Mams 55: the best thing on the internet, ever

December 19th, 2013 § 0

Ed Solo & Deekline – Bongo Bong

A very good gif

October 29th, 2011 § 0

I’ve previously posted stills of Carlie’s deep throat mastery followed by a too-quickly-removed video of the same.

Now someone has lovingly created an animated gif. Unlike the stark “lips to pubic bone” narrative economy of the stills, the gif features some of the pussy rubbing that made the video great:
That's my kind of lady
via reddit

Speaking of video, thanks to g0n3w1ld and XVideos apparent disregard for copyright you can watch all seven and a half minutes. And I recommend you do: the video also includes ball-sucking, nipple-tweaking and face-cumming. 2 dicks up!



September 2nd, 2011 § 0

I’ll risk death to have the world’s biggest breasts


All the creepy big tit news that's fit to print
via reddit

Fähigkeiten: sie hat sie

May 22nd, 2011 § 1

Click through for omgs [youtube].
via youtube :: big boobies basement

Nymphs 9: Well Hung

April 4th, 2011 § 0

These digital pages are no stranger to large vagina lips; here’s a sample:

But that barrage doesn’t make today’s labia any less breathtaking… BEHOLD:

via sexy labia

Lips like a bonobo! But unlike a bonobo I would suck them for hours.


Sex can be awkward #26

February 17th, 2011 § 0

Ever Wonder What The Simpsons
Would Look Like In Real Life?
Or Better Yet..
If They Were FUCKING???


No, no I haven’t. But head to the homepage and surrender your email address if you want to see an uncensored version. You can also check out stills from my original source, fleshbot.

Look at that cum-drenched hipster

February 3rd, 2011 § 0

I'm calling her a hipster strictly because of her glasses, of course
via girls + dicks

Or check out the video.

Follow-up Friday 3

January 7th, 2011 § 3

Pull it out slow

Once you’ve taken the time to put all eight inches down your throat you might as well spend a few seconds on the withdraw.

So shiny
via love’s other trumpet

Shorty ain't no joke / Got eight inches down her throat
via love’s other trumpet

Cock + Shoe

Why fuck a pussy when you can fuck a shoe? Of course it looks better if you have a bigger cock or a smaller shoe.

What snake is blue?
via my ass your hand

Public vagina

All around town with a petite, red shoed eurogirl.

I really don't think that pole is going to fit
via no panties allowed

Food & sex: like moderately small testes edition

Tongue it, bitch
via 8=D

Bun length: it’s just so obvious

The mustard is a nice touch
via 8=D

Yet more tittie motion

A moving tit is just a swinging bag of fat. Yet it’s as hypnotic as a mesmerist pendulum and, courtesy of the nipple, twice as boner inducing.

Clap baby clap
via don’t/stop // get/it/get/it

Perfectly balanced

Years of evolutionary pressure have developed a set of porn poses: the female advertises her waxed readiness by lowering her face to the bed, raising her buttocks and using her hands to spread her ass cheeks; the male demonstrates his virility by measuring his lengthy erection against her face, etc. Traditionally, self-sucking was used to advertise large, fuckable breasts.

In 2010 a new signal appeared: rearranging the breasts from the horizontal to the vertical. The likeness to a yin-yang symbol is probably accidental.

The effects of this new breast power display have yet to be seen but I personally await the first sideways titty-fuck.

Nice microwave
via hi boobs

Small, sexy woman staring deeply into my eyes…

…this is something that I definitely like.
Why yes, I WILL put my dick in you!
via come girls

Full… of penises

Biology tells us that sex is competition. Competition is about superlatives so it’s no surprise that pornography is obsessed with maximals: the biggest tits, the biggest gang-bang, the biggest cock. Unfortunately biology has also limited the number of 8 inch circumference penises so porn has to decided to double up.

And this way everyone wins: an extra man gets to ejaculate and the woman still gets her asshole stretched wide open. Despite sex columnist advice to the contrary, women enjoy being split in twain, just look at the smile on her face!

Her armpit looks just like a vagina.  We need another penis!
via stuff my cock likes…

Penile comparison: holy fucking shit

December 29th, 2010 § 0

For anal sex?  Definitely.
via large penis party

Coming in a close third in the size category is this woman’s clit. I repeat: holy fucking shit.

Stunned beyond non-swear words,

Follow-up Friday 2

December 3rd, 2010 § 1

Seriously, just love her already

What else does she have to do to get your attention?

Also: facial expression
via pornstar pussy


…is much better represented by Milena-Elvira…

Now THAT is a scary clock
via great boobs

…than these fucking nuns.


…still look good with their mams out.

Selena Kyle: fucking hipster
via lup la oi

The face of pencil test failure
via boobster news center

(aside: Cat Woman > Super Girl)

Manhattan keeps on makin it, photoshop keeps on fakin it

You're going to need to find some bigger tits
via fum on her case

Is that thing real?

fum on her case

No, no it’s not.

And check out this amazing photoshop work:

That is some truly terrible photoshop
via large penis party

Come-on! At least put some effort into it.


Also file under “Halloween: the really scary edition”.

Tell your mom to stop changing her lipstick, my dick looks like a rainbow
via fellatio faces

You're never going to get it in sideways
via fellatio faces

Facial expressions: hangry
via fum on her case


A bat is just a big, funny-shaped dick. That you swing at fast moving balls. And then drop it and your helmet and run in a circle.

Analogies suck.

Bats for breast cancer awareness
via boobster news center

Princess Semen, a few seconds later

It's good for your skin
via cum whore


Definitely fat.

Shove that chocolate in your mouth you sexy minx
via my ass your hand


After a hard day of walking with a Mace...

...it's good to get a little clit time.  Well, not a little clit, a little time.  I'm sure her clit is big.  At least average.  Not that it matters anyway, it's how you use it.

via reddit

Still a bad idea

via show your dick

The Best Party Ever is from Loaded. Shit

I still like it though
via celebrity skin :: reddit

I liked it better when I thought they were somewhere in Milan, because I’m a pretentious prick.

Keep on queuing…

…for Mason Moore.

Penile comparison: importance of having a big fat cock-head
via fellatio faces

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