One frame story, with helpful captions

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via reddit

via reddit

Drunk Japanese chick cannot hide her enthusiasm after African exchange student proves his boast about his countrymen’s unusual endowment. The picture was taken in 1991 with a regular film camera. Nobody imagined it could be shown around the world via the internet, which was not yet widely used.


It is an old photo from a party. She was curious if it was as big as they say, and she got him to whip it out. I gather this was her start. She’s Japanese, a swinger, totally into big dick and especially big black dick, did a bit of amateur porn back in the day, and is still incredibly sexy. DTF at a moment’s notice if she has a few drinks, and is quite capable of handling things you’d think would be impossible for such a small girl. My impression is that photo was taken before I was born, but she’s sexier today than she was then.


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