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Catboy SPEAKS! - Archives: 2010 January

Food & sex: retro

January 28th, 2010 § 0

Watch for burns

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Fantastic Mams 2

January 26th, 2010 § 0

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A gentle areola gradient
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Beautifully tragic

January 22nd, 2010 § 0

I can think of so few things that make me wet anymore. It’s like my nerves have forgotten how to appreciate erotic touch. Everything either registers as unpleasant or soothing. There’s no room for sexy. No matter where I am stroked, if it’s done with any artfulness, my body collapses in a hammock of relief. I feel I’m being fed water after days without a drop. I think I need Temple Grandin to invent me a machine for this so I stay sane. I love to have hands laid on me, although I forget to seek it out as I once did. I used to demand it, not as foreplay but for reassurance and relaxation. It’s been months since I asked someone to touch me.

Windows by Nightmare Brunette

Nightmare Brunette fulfills the first half of her nom de plume, writing with a disconnected darkness and posting pictures of solitary, waify women in cold, inhuman poses.



PS: Meanwhile I embody the second half of my name: immature, puerile, senseless.

Really classy

January 21st, 2010 § 2

Extremely contented

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Let me introduce to you: Chloé des Lysses (aka her real name, Nathalie Boet), and she’s about to change the way you look at anal porn.


On large labias & douchebags

January 19th, 2010 § 4

I'd fuck her like a wild dog
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Reddit is not my goto for onastic material but you can find some interesting things. Unfortunately, you can also find lots of internet douchebaggery:

Not to be an ass, but how would that even work?! I wouldn’t quite know what the hell is going on if I ran into it.

Gentlemen, help me out, have you ever ran into such meatcurtains? And what is it like? I currently live in perpetual fear of running into this with a girl that I’m otherwise attracted to.


Seriously? You live in fear of small, sexy, foreign women with big pussy lips? I’m tempted to spend time searching fark for the picture of the nerdy guy with the caption that says something like “her knees are too knobby I would not hit it”.

jbutton goes on to add:

I have a theory about this (because seriously, before I saw those pictures on the internet I had no idea tits and vaginas could look athat [sic] heinous- and I’ve been with a good amount of women):

It’s because you’re probably good-looking. “Perfect” girls who know they have everything in the right place will gravitate towards good-looking men while the “mis-shaped” ones (for lack of a better term) will worry about being rejected by good-looking men because of their less-than-stellar attributes. So I presume these average women won’t project a vibe or send out any signals to good-looking men for fear of being rejected after (or during) the first roll in the hay.


Clearly these gentlemen are just too handsome to have ever encountered dangly lips (or non-perfect tits); they’re not just bored 16 year olds who’ve seen the majority of their vaginas in shining RGB.

Now I had my fun teasing her about her dangly labia, but really I would fuck her until my dick melted. And I’m actually kind of picky (now, not when I was 22)! It makes me wonder what is so different between me and PostGirls/jbutton. My best guess is that 1) I don’t need to pay an extra deposit when renting a car and 2) I’m not a complete asshole. On a more serious note, this helps me understand–though not believe–the claims that certain portrayals of women gives men unrealistic expectations of beauty.

Ignoring the general sexist sentiments, I think I’m most irritated by their lack of scientific reasoning. I suppose it’s possible that big pussy lipped women are cowering in their homes, afraid to show their genitals to handsome men. But I would propose another, more Occam friendly, theory: most labia aren’t that big. That explains why you don’t see it so often and hence why PostGirls and jbutton see it as abnormal. It’s harder to imagine a post like “what’s up with all these inner labia that don’t even hang past the outer labia? I have slept with like thousands of women and they’ve all been absolute droopers!”

The good part about the internet is that one person’s disgust is another’s pervert’s fetish. Reese & Vix are such perverts and they have a post & image gallery all about Dasha.

Truly heartwarming.

Stay flappy,

A belated christmas mystery

January 18th, 2010 § 0

Zepplin rules, dude!

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Welcome to another edition of “Wat Ta Fak,” the show whose meaning is not even us the signal router & erschlie and the sole reason only exists because you are all little piglets with the unromantic and gehirnverdrehendsten Google searches on our site comes and you do not even ashamed. But the time has come to provide you with a pointed hat in the corner and repent. Let’s go, what have you most recently entered in to land on AMY & PINK too?

I had sex with my sister. Porn Stars step out from the church. You die earlier by sex? Are you ugly! Hookers in Tokyo. Vasta naked. Tongue doctor. Puffing fuck. Marcel best porn star. Mr. Gaga. Does it hurt the first time having sex? What do the numbers on beduten Billy Boy? I smell like fish. Sick tits. Teens in the mud. Who did Harry Potter geknutscht the first time in the film. Pants down, legs wide.

Blog like Titty City. Hairy genitals. What happens after the fall of my belly? Vagina species. Leopards for printing. Who is this model from the Milchschnitte advertising. Fir trees in the back, as wegbekommen? Repetition of Hannah. Better than Last Night Party. The video with the drunken man who fucks a bitch on MTV. Everything for the Horde. Poop on the assembly line. Red hair taken Holland. Ass wide open. Nude freckles.

amypink.com (& Google translate)

Fantastic Mams

January 17th, 2010 § 0

Fantastic Mams Logo

Cubic fit
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Puffy skislopes
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G cup
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January 15th, 2010 § 0

Yes, I would milk her.  Har har.

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Simultaneous anal- and cuni- lingus

January 15th, 2010 § 0


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January 14th, 2010 § 0

Like a champ

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